Helping You Achieve A Greater Sense of

Balance •  Harmony •  Self

What makes Renovo Integrative Massage & Renewal unique is the massage therapist’s ability to tailor your massage based on your needs from what you tell him and from quantitative and qualitative input obtained during his evaluation of your posture and range of motion and state of your muscles.

In addition to the 40, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of bodywork requested, an additional 7-10 minute pre and post massage client input and post massage feedback time to ensure the client and therapist work together to achieve the clients goals. (The industry standard is to provide fifty-minutes for a scheduled one hour massage not sixty minutes).

Services Include Integration of:

Deep Tissue Massage    Lymphatic Massage  •  Myofascial Release  •  Neuromuscular Therapy-NMT  •  Pregnancy Massage  •  Pre/Post Event Sports Massage  •  Shiatsu Massage    Hot Stone Therapy  Swedish Massage    Trigger Point Therapy • Reiki Sessions •  CrossFit and Bar Recovery Massage