“Ken was amazing! I’ve gotten many massages over the years and never has anyone been so detailed or attentive as Ken. I felt like he knew what my body needed. I was sore for about 4 days after my last massage but once that went away i felt more flexibility and range of motion within my back than i have had in years. My shoulder/neck pain has also vanished. I will definitely be going back for more!”¬†Eve H.

“Ken has been able to help me with many of my physical issues including: tight neck and shoulder muscles, tight back areas, shoulder and elbow issues, and cramping and pain as my hip replacements continue to heal. Ken listens well and offers tactful suggestions (for me: hydrate!) He has always started right on time.” Anita H.

“So focused, compassionate and consistent. Ken knows how to give a great Deep Tissue massage – ask for it and you will see. Thanks for being on the mark!” Jen D.


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