The Basics:

  • Client/Therapist shall have no perfumes, scents, etc; good personal hygiene required.
  • Client/Therapist shall not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Client/Therapist cell phones shall remain off; if a call must be taken/made, let therapist know beforehand.
  • The client is responsible for personal belongs.
  • Control of pressure rests with the client; clients may ask for less or more pressure, may end massage session if uncomfortable.
  • Some fabrics may retain oils used during therapy.
  • Hydrate and have a small snack well before your appointment.

Business Policies:

  • 24-hour minimum notice of cancellation or 100% fee is levied.
  • A confirmation call from the therapist is solely a courtesy; the client is responsible for keeping his/her appointment with or without a confirmation call.
  • The client will inform the massage therapist of any known medical conditions.
  • The massage offered by the therapist is for therapeutic purposes only.
  • The therapist does not diagnose illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorder; does not prescribe medical or pharmaceutical treatment; and does not do spinal manipulations. This massage is not a substitute for medical care by licensed health care providers.

Any client under 18 is required to have a parent/guardian present during the massage.